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Freestyle is a unique (as in 'mentally balanced') barbershop quartet that travels throughout the country providing beautiful music and laughter to unexpecting audiences.The quartet is the 1999-2000 Far Western District Champions of the international barbershop society and were semifinalists at the recnt International competition in Portland.
So welcome  to the web site of Freestyle.  We're glad you came by and hope that you'll have a few grins while you're here.

Freestyle is comprised of four energetic and talented individuals who’s commitment to good music is rivaled only by their passion for entertaining. Freestyle is equally likely to elicit tears, guffaws or "oohs and aahs" from an audience.Dedicated to the pursuit of "I literally fell out of my seat laughing..", the quartet was voted ‘Most Entertaining’ at the internationally renowned Buckeye Invitational Competition.  

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