Behind every successful team there exists two significant criteria:
– A common set of goals
– The ability to reach their vision.

History –   Established in 1999.

I started by taking pictures of my family and friends. The word got out, and success followed. So, I got my first DSLR in 2012. Then, I wanted to be a smarter photographer; so I went to the University of California, Irvine, where I earned a Bachelors of Art degree, in Art. That education taught me how to perfect photos using the tools of the trade, making each photo a work of art. Afterwards, since 2017, I have been very active in the South County Photo Club, on the Board of Directors, where we sharpen our skills by putting on workshops throughout the year. You can find out more about what I have been doing by going to my web site (MDRIdeas.com), where you will see my Portfolio, and my Facebook Business Page (Misty’s Photography), where you will see my most recent activities, and shooting locations.

Customers appreciate that I flexibly personalize their sessions according to their specific needs. Whether you want to be on location or in my studio, I will work hard to find the best fit for you.

Meet the Photographer –

When I’m behind the camera, I love discovering the beauty all around me. I love everything about taking pictures, from taking the photos, to any editing of the images, and to giving and showing the finished product to my clients. Nothing can compare to seeing their face when they first see their photos. My love of this work reflects in the touching images I produce: the excitement; the awe; and the very deep emotional content. It’s inspiring!

Our Services:
– Photography
– Web Design
– Computer Maintenance